Meet the Shopkins

Lolli Poppins

As sweet as can be! She loves smiling and making Shopkins laugh!

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She's old fashioned but still the life of any party!

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Cheeky Chocolate

She's cheeky and a prankster! Always laughing, having fun and never afraid to get dirty.

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Sometimes she'll chew your ear off! But she's really kind and caring.

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A real party starter and a bit of an attention seeker!

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Soda Pops

She's super bubbly and sweet!

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Rainbow Bite

Optimistic and adventurous! - she always looks on the positive side of life!

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Tommy Ketchup

Extremely cheeky and always wanting to be a part of everything!

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Sugar Lump

A real sweety who gets along with everyone and is easy to be around.

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Sally Shakes 

She adds some fun and flavor to any party!

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Peppe Pepper

Always sneezing! He's clever and kind and a bit of a daredevil - he likes to spice things up!

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Gran Jam

Caring, gentle and the mother of the group.

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Breaky Crunch

Full of energy and ready to go at a moments notice, definitely a morning Shopkin!

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Over protective and a bit of worry wart!

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Papa Tomato

A story teller who adds flavour to everything he does. 

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Cupcake Queen

Super sweet and a keeper of the peace!

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Mellow and yellow but cute enough to melt any heart.

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Partners in crime with Shampy with a great sense of style!

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Err is that Silky or Shampy? We never know! Heeheehee.

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Chatty and always grinning. She loves to make people smile!

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Polly Polish

A fashion risk-taker who's always trying new colors and styles!

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Strawberry Kiss

A day dreamer with a huge imagination and often away with the fairies!

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Posh Pear

She's a bit spoilt but a good listener and friendly!

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Pineapple Crush

Silly and fun and a lover of the sun!

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Miss Mushy-Moo

A bit of a softy but with a good head on her shoulders!

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Apple Blossom

An adventurer with big dreams and kind to the core!

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Well cultured and different each day.

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Popsi Cool

Cold on the outside but warm and gooey on the inside!

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Freezy Peazy

Super cool and the best rapper in the pod.

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Apple Pie

Gentle and warm on the inside but with a thick skin.

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Spilt Milk

A bit of a klutz and a born risk-taker, she likes to stir things up!

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Chee Zee

A confident and passionate performer who loves taking centre stage and is a little bit crackers!

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Mini Muffin

Sweet inside and out with a lot of energy! She's an early riser.

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Kooky Cookie

She's really shy and sensitive. Her friends are always getting her to try new things!

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D'Lish Donut

Super sweet but with a competitive edge. She's always trying for the perfect hole in one!

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Bread Head

He's independent and confident and a bit of a chatter box!

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Lippy Lips

A fashionista with sassy style and maybe a bit bossy!

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